Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Final Goodbye

My soul is calm and peaceful like the sound of a waterfall
Though some people may rise up against me, my heart will stand tall.
I'm heading for a place where death doesn't reside,
My soul will journey on with my father by my side,
My star will shine brighter as your tears subside,
As I crossed over,i gazed upon the sad faces of the ones that committed suicide.

When it rains heavily don't panic it's just my tear drop,
When u feel a strong wind, its just me passing by,
Remember me with a smile, and not with a teary eye, that will prolong my journey and leave my spirit at the bottom of the valley.
When you sit a lone reminiscing with a drink, with every sigh as u blink I'm closer than u think.

When u see me in your dream don't be alarmed I just came to visit.
The day u feel the urge to cry and u
don't know why, my star will be dim when u Look up in the sky,
That will be the final goodbye
for my number has been called to rest in the bosom of the most high


Written by:jones awuah

Monday, 4 April 2011

Somedays I Cry

Somedays I cry

Somedays I cry seeing the joy of my offspring knowing one day I'll die, 
 anxious to to see my future and go beyond the sky.
Somedays I cry
like a river I've been running to my dream, in search of a sound peace to flow like a stream.
Somedays I cry.

Somedays I cry
I've nurtured this body only for it to turn to dust,
My name will be remembered with things of the past.
Somedays I cry

Somedays I cry
When the final curtain is closed, I'll remember the days of old, I  visualised the tears of those I mattered to the most, my presence will be of a ghost.
Somedays I cry.

Written by
Jones AWUAH 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hip hop


Hip-hop the air that i breathed, the songs  I inhaled as my daily bread. O hip-hop, how you took away my innocence, and introduced me to words of profanity and to indulge in promiscuity.

When i felt alone out here on my own, you played the father role, when i was down you gave me songs that expressed how  i felt

O hip-hop
You have captivated the minds of the youths, not to mention the blood on the hands of the youths

Hip-hop, you said degrading women was the norm
So I did not regard them in any shape or form.

O how your influence has sanction some in into a mental institution. You brought me into the game of which you call hustling, and to be money driven.

You turned my heart cold, i wouldn’t hesitate to take the life of the young or the old.

You saw my vulnerability and took away my liberty

Hip-hop, you came to steal my mind, kill my dreams and destroyed my life.

Written by Jones Awuah